Rocca Bar Ristorante is Proud to Offer Farm-To-Table Italian

The little known secret is out! You can enjoy farm-to-table Italian in small town Lexington, Virginia at Rocca Bar Ristorante. What would normally only be found in large metropolitan areas is now available in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

“We’re doing what the Italians have been doing for hundreds of years, and that is cooking based on what is available in your surrounding areas,” said Chef Michael Pascarella. “That is why our Rockfish comes from Virginia, our vegetables come from surrounding areas, and our pork comes from a farm just 30 minutes away from the restaurant.”

Farm-to-table is all the rage in the culinary industry these days. Organic, farm-raised, quality products make Italian cuisine an experience to enjoy. Rocca Bar Ristorante features an abundance of farm-to-table products in their dishes with pork from Autumn Olive Farms, seasonal vegetables from local farmers, fresh greens from Four Oaks Farms and more.

Rocca Bar Ristorante, on the second floor of the Robert E Lee Hotel, is located in the middle of historic Main Street. Guests can enjoy a truly unique experience when dining on Rocca’s terrace overlooking Lexington’s Main Street. The Blue Ridge Mountain backdrop lends itself to la dolce vita, and the atmosphere is lively and informal. The bar and lounge is the perfect stop for cocktails or dinner before heading downtown for the evening.

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